We at Hyperider are proud to represent pioneering electric vehicle manufacturers.  

We provide our customers with next generation, top performing, safe and extremely fun to ride electric machines.

The company also offers personal customization of the products. 


A revolutionary, three wheel, electric powered scooter.

Two front wheels offer Immediate stability and braking abilities, while the single motorized rear wheel keeps the MUVe super maneuverable, confidence inspiring ride.

The MUVe’s folding steering bar allows the user to transform it instantly into a trolley, providing maneuverability in tight urban spaces and easy storage.  

The MUVe is the perfect urban machine.

An electric powered all terrain vehicle,  providing exceptional power and off-road performance. 

with low maintenance and high durability, EZRaider is the perfect choice for a variety of applications – military,  security, rescue, hunting, agriculture and recreational use.