We come every morning with a desire to share our passion for extreme machines.

We provide a unique surfing sensation, trough our electric vehicles to enthusiasts around the globe. 

We give people the opportunity to enjoy top performing, safe, and extremely fun to ride, electric machines.  

So… if you are a pro rider or  have no experience …  you have to try !

All you need to do is leave your info bellow, We’ll be happy to invite you to experience a true Hype-ride!

The MUVe a revolutionary  three wheel design.

With two front wheels offering Immediate stability and braking capabilities.

While the single motorized rear wheel keeps the MUVe super maneuverable, offering compact, confidence inspiring ride.

The MUVe’s folding steering bar allows the user to transform it instantly into a trolley, providing maneuverability in tight urban spaces and easy storage.

The MUVe is the perfect urban machine.

A breaking through vehicle with Electric-powered Mobility Platform that creates a  new category in all terrain riding ,  allows  the user complet control with minimum training and offering unmatched feeling and experience.

The simple and unique design allows easy ongoing maintenance. The raider can be used for varies applications such as – military, para military, hls and rescue, hunting, agriculture and extreme.